Introducing the new robust transport barrel pump P80-150ml New

28. 08. 2023

After successfully deploying P200-150 ml barrel pumps, which we have had in operation for several years, we decided to modify this pump for use with smaller barrels of 20-80 liters. The advantage of this transport pump is a large flow rate  of 150 ml per two-stroke, so that all moving parts move very slowly during standard pump deployment compared to the classic P80-56-1 pump, where the flow rate is 30.7 ml/two-stroke. As a result, there is not so much wear on the wear surfaces of the moving parts of the pump, which leads to a significant extension of the service life of wearable parts and sealing elements of the pump. We have prepared two variants of suction pumps, both in the classic version and in the stainless steel...

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