Dosing device with V-MIX screw pumps New

09. 01. 2023

V-MIX equipment with screw pumps is used for mixing and dosing epoxy resins, polyurethanes, silicones, methacrylates. The V-MIX device can be used wherever materials can be mixed with a static mixer. This device it is suitable both for small-scale production and it is possible to combine it with robotic workplaces. In the version where the rotor is coated with a DLC coating, the device can be used for heat conductive pastes such as GAP FILLER.   Material transport:   The V-MIX device is equipped as standard with pressure vessels with a volume of 8 and 4 liters, sizes of 12, 24, 45 liters can be supplied on request, the pressure vessels can be equipped with an electric agitator, for materials that react to air humidity with...

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