We are introducing the new P80-33-1-PREMIUM Lub-line series drum pump for lubricant greases New

21. 05. 2021

We have designed a new pump called P80-33-1-PREMIUM, the pump expands the range of Lub-line series pumps for barrels with a diameter of up to 420 mm and a height of 650 mm. The pump has a larger delivery rate than the STANDARD model. LubTec has completely reengineered product range in the area of drum pumps suiting for the customers needs, specifically for these, who are having grease application in mind. The LubTec LUB-line drum pumps are equipped with double-acting piston pumps. The piston pumps are supplying greases and oils from NLGI 0 to NLGI 4 directly and clean from original containers. LubTec drum pumps have proved themselves as useful central material supply systems and for supplying single stations as well. LubTec drum pumps are...

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Warranty and post-warranty service and spare parts for the entire technical and economic life.

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